Education is a life itself.

With opening new offices outside the country and spreading its wings, Meezab Air decided to take a bit different business step through forming new working unit called Meezab Academy.

Through this academy all persons interested in working in travel sector could apply and start recruiting process of not so long duration after which the persons should most probably be ready for individual work in tourism and travel agencies. This zeal towards education is it discover potential and travel academy is surely a great chance for those with new perspectives and enthusiasm.

All persons applying should be younger age, if possible university graduated with good communication and writing skills, interested in dealing directly with people and definitely willing to always learn more. If you are reading this and you feel like an individual satisfying given criteria, feel free to contact us and learn more details about Meezab Air and Meezab Academy. We are awaiting impatiently for new team members.

Meezab Air Group